Saying “Goodbye” with Flowers

Double Ended Coffin Spray

Life changes and trends move on but for me flowers will always say so many things….
“I love you”
“Happy Birthday”
“I’m sorry”
“Happy Anniversary”
“Be my Valentine”

 But there is one message that resonates and that is

We don’t like talking about a loved one passing and when we do, we find it hard to find the right words to tell a person that we are sorry, or that we care, so to me a funeral tribute can say it all.

“You are loved”
“Remember when..”
“We are thinking of you and your family at this most upsetting time”
Open Heart
Flowers tributes can encompass so many things, a favourite colour, a special flower, their profession,  a sport or hobby. In fact, a fitting funeral tribute can show all these wonderful things and bring a raised smile whilst you remember fondly of times gone by. A welcome comfort at this most poignant time don’t you think?
An Allotment A tribute reflecting a profession
Here at Driftwood and Daisies Florist, I pride myself on honouring your loved one and will work alongside you and family to ensure that no further stress is brought at what can be a difficult and stressful time.

So here are my promises to you:-

• Meeting with family and friends to get to know your passed love one
• Helping you choose a tribute or tributes that will represent the whole family – getting the balance right between tributes and any charity donations
• Using only the best quality flowers for your chosen designs
• Offering a bespoke funeral flower collection service

So what is a ‘Bespoke Funeral Flower Collection Service’ I hear you ask?

There never seems to be enough hours in the day now, when life and events take over and time seems to just run away with you. Whether you opt for just the one floral tribute or several, they should be enjoyed and admired for days after.
Country Garden Wreath
A star of Gysophilia
With many crematoriums stipulating that floral tributes are collected within 48 hours, the thought of returning to the venue again when such a short period of time has lapsed is another worry that is sometimes too great to bear. Here at Driftwood and Daisies, as part of my bespoke service, I can collect your tributes from the crematorium and return them to you for you and your family to again take comfort, remember and reflect.
A tea tray with cup and saucer plus chocolate!
Put simply, I love making funeral tributes and see it as a real honour to be part of someone’s final journey. My well designed tributes will give you peace of mind you made their final journey very special.

I would love to hear your thoughts about funeral flowers and if they’ve helped you at a sad and difficult time. xx

Please consider sharing this post with anyone who you think might find it useful. Thank you. xx

With much love
Jo Parker
Driftwood and Daisies Florist

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