Floriography – the language of flowers

With Valentine’s day just around the corner it’s time to know the meaning of the flowers you know your Valentine loves!

In Victorian times people used flowers as a way of sending coded messages, allowing them to express their feelings which could not be spoken! Ah, the simplicity of it all, them were the days!

So if you received a bouquet of Sweet Williams you were being asked to ‘grant one smile’! Cute! The true season for these super blooms is late spring, early summer, but they are already showing on the flower wholesalers list, so what are waiting for!  They are cheap, long lasting and provide an abundance of uplifting colour, what is there not to love!

But if you are looking for something a little more traditional then here is a list of the most popular flowers sent at Valentine’s day.

Red Rose = Love, Beauty, Courage, Respect
White Rose = Purity, innocence, silence or secrecy, reverence
Pink Rose = Appreciation, grace, happiness, admiration
Yellow Rose = Joy, gladness, friendship, delight, the promise of a new beginning
Orange Rose = Desire, enthusiasm
Lavender Rose = Enchantment
Coral Rose = Desire
Red and White given together = Signifies unity
Single red rose = I love you
Other popular flowers
Lily (white) – Beauty, elegance, sweetness
Lily (Yellow) = I’m walking on air, Gaiety
Lily (Calla)= Beauty
Lily (Tiger) =Wealth, Pride

Orchid – Rare and delicate beauty
Gerbera Daisy – Innocence, purity, friendship and classic beauty
Freesia – Friendship
Tulips of all colours = Love and fame
Red Tulip = Declaration of love

Whatever the meaning, whatever the reason, flowers always bring a sense of joy and feeling loved. They brighten your home, lift spirits and bring smiles to faces. I love making your bouquets but I love delivering them too.
If you would like to discuss some special flowers for a special person please do not hesitate to get in touch.
With love
Jo Parker


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